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Turkey's young and dynamic bank, Finansbank was established in October 26, 1987. Growing at a tremendous pace in such a short time, Finansbank continues to render innovative banking services to its customers, with 582 branches and over 12.000 employees as of 2012 year end.

A story of success written over 25 years

Driven by its principle of rendering outstanding services and by its innovative and proactive approach, Finansbank demonstrated remarkable efforts which allowed it to become the fifth largest private bank of Turkey in terms of asset size in 2004, an accomplishment achieved in such a relatively short time in banking industry.

The bank's accomplishments have been continuously confirmed both in Turkey and abroad. In 2004, Finansbank became the first Turkish bank to receive a subordinated loan of 200 million Dollars, which marked its reliability in the eye of international markets.

Maintaining an ever-growing international reputation, Finansbank received a securitization loan of 500 million Dollars with a maturity of 7 years, on the basis of remittances from abroad to be paid to the Bank's clients in 2005. Finansbank marked the largest securitization loan ever to be obtained by a Turkish bank without an insurance cover.

Finansbank concentrated its branching efforts in 2006 and 2007 as a sign of commitment to Individual Banking, and became the fastest growing bank in terms of number of branches, opening 203 branches in these years. Its faster and safer connection with its clients made possible by client-oriented efforts and widened network of branches, brought Finansbank new accomplishments as well. In 2008, Capital, a business-oriented magazine, picked Finansbank among the three most admired banks. Moreover, it was the 8th bank with most Dollar/TL exchange transactions on the Reuters Dealing Spot Matching System, used by over 1,100 banks in nearly 150 counties. Again in 2008, Finansbank granted a syndicated loan of 470 million Dollars, with the participation of 20 banks in 12 counties, to provide a new channel of support to the real sector.

Finansbank did not cease to achieve accomplishments, both national and international, in 2009, too. Finansbank was placed among the WorldFinance 100 of the Finance magazine, a list that awards one hundred firms around the world for their achievements in their respective fields, and it became the first Turkish bank to be awarded in "best in class" category. 2009 first half results of Reuters Dealing Spot Matching System showed that Finansbank became the fifth bank (up from being the eighth in 2008) with most Dollar/TR transactions.

At the same year, Finansbank attained a very tremendous achievement in Mortgage loans, the most important product category of the whole banking industry, and it granted the highest number of housing loans per branch. In this product category, Finansbank earned the second place in the sector average.

Advancing rapidly in SME Banking segment, launched in 2003, Finansbank has always defended the idea that SMEs are an indispensable constituent of the economy and that it is the most important duty of the banking industry to support them. In 2010, Finansbank helped SME clients surmount the collateral difficulties thanks to a project funded by the European Investment Fund (EIF), the first of its kind in Turkey.
Finansbank provided its clients with a syndication loan in the sum of 800 million Dollars in 2010 with the participation of 29 banks in 15 countries, which they may use in financing foreign commerce. This loan has been marked as being the syndication loan of the highest amount that Finansbank has ever received.

From the first installment credit card to the world's first debit card with installment feature

Driven by the goal of rendering innovative and value-adding services to its clients, an ideal steadfastly championed since the bank's entering into operation, Finansbank launched Galaxy Card in 1999, the bank's first credit card with installment feature. In 2001, the bank made the first "postpone the installment" and "gain miles with points" campaigns for Galaxy card and added to the sector a significant know-how.

Later on renamed as CardFinans, Galaxy Card merely in four years has become the third credit card with highest number of Visa credit cards in Turkey. It was honored in a competition held by Visa International as "The World's Best" and "The World's Fifth" credit card.

In 2007, CardFinans's features were expanded and it was presented to Finansbank clients as the first "individual financing card", promoted for the first time with a special offer granted upon "receipt promise".

In 2009, Finansbank launched CardFinans Nakit, "the world's first debit card with installment feature". Such innovations continued in 2010, too. FIX, the first credit card with standard credit card features that "does not charge credit card fee", was launched.

Another product released in 2010 was VadeKart, which allowed business owners to spend on credit, spend in installments and postpone receipt without "using checks and bonds".  

In 2010, CardFinans Nakit was awarded in Cards and Payments Europe, one of the world's most prestigious awards of the credit card world, under "The best debit card launch" category. While Finansbank made it to finals with CardFinans Nakit and VadeKart, it was the only Turkish bank to be honored under "The best debit card launch" category of the competition, which awards in ten categories.

For a lifelong partnership with the client, service quality is our top priority.

In 2000, Finansbank added Call Center (Telephone) and Internet banking to its range of services rendered to its ever-increasing individual customers. Boosting the quality of internet and telephone banking transactions relentlessly and successfully, Finansbank was chosen as "The Europe's Best Call Center" in European Call Center Awards 2003. That same year, Finansbank Telephone Banking was honored as "The Europe's Best" by Call Center Focus.

In 2008, Finansbank Call Center was awarded in two different categories at Istanbul Call Center Awards. Placed first in the "Best Call Center Training Program" category, the Call Center also earned "the Most Commendable Call Center" award in the Best Use of Technology category.

That same year, Finansbank's renewed web site won silver at "Davey Awards", held in USA, in banking category.

www.kobifinans.com.tr, one of the service channels of KobiFinans, the information and consultancy service rendered by SME Banking segment, was voted Turkey's "Best Professional Services Website" in Golden Spider Web Awards 2008.

KobiFinans website, rendering consultancy services to SMEs, won silver in the "Consultancy" category in the Communicator Awards, held in USA, and bronze in the "Customer Information" category in the Horizon Interactive Awards.

In 2009, Finansbank Call Center Manager was placed first in the "Best Call Center Manager" category in the 4th Call Center Contest, held by IMI Conferences.

That same year, Finansbank corporate web site won the "Grand Prize" of the Interactive Media Awards, a contest of global significance in its field that is annually held in New York.

In 2010, Finansbank website earned awards in three different categories in the Web Awards, one of the most prestigious awards of the internet world.

Finansbank achieved great success in many support projects in 2011. Boğaziçi University Jazz Choir, which attracted countrywide attention with their video shot in the subway, participated in the 'First World Choir Championships' in Austria with the support of the Card Finans GO and represented Turkey with the best results. In addition to the titles of 'World Champion' in the Contemporary Music and Folklore categories and 'World Runner-up' in the Mixed Choirs category, Boğaziçi Jazz Choir won two gold medals in the 'Grand Prix' competed by the champions and returned back to Turkey with 5 gold medals in total.

Finansbank's success in the credit and debit card practices was acknowledged with "Visa 2010 Achievement Awards". Finansbank were honored with the "Bank with the Highest Growth in Visa Credit Card Shopping Volume" and "Bank with the Highest Growth in Visa Electron Debit Card Shopping Volume" awards. These awards were given in 2011 based on the assessments on the volumes and growth rates achieved in debit, credit and commercial cards in 2010.

CardFinans's series of ad campaign, "Babanız Olsa Yapmaz" (Even Your Own Dad Wouldn't), which publicized the features and campaigns of CardFinans through its various versions last year, won Crystal Apple in the TV category in the Crystal Apple Awards, the most important event in the advertising world. In addition, "El Öpenlerin Şok Olsun" (Shock Your Hand Kissers) application developed for Finansbank Facebook page won runner-up prize in the social media category. Furthermore, CardFinans's series of ad campaign, "Babanız Olsa Yapmaz" (Even Your Own Dad Wouldn't), also won Silver Effie Award in the Card Payment Systems category in the Effie Awards, which acknowledge the marketing achievements earned through advertising creativity. We also won a Red Award in the category of the best insurance and other financial services in the press.

Finansbank's products, services and practices were honored with five prizes in the "International Business Awards", considered the most prestigious awards in the business world. Finansbank Fix Card, which does not charge a card fee to its customers, was awarded by Stevie Awards, the world's premier business awards, in two categories. With these two prizes in the categories of "Product-based Marketing Campaign" and "Advertising Campaign for Financial Services," Fix Card's success was globally acknowledged. In addition, FinClub website, a social club special to Finansbank employees, and Finarmoni, an employee training portal, as well as the animated video, "Finansbank'ı Geleceğe Taşımak" (Carrying Finansbank to the Future), were awarded by jury's special awards in the same event. Moreover; in 2011, Finansbank Call Center won "The Best Call Center Award" which is the grand prize of the "İstanbul Call Center Awards".

A robust corporate structure, a robust partnership

Having established Finans Portföy Yönetimi Şirketi and Finans Gayrimenkul Yatırım Ortaklığı in 2000, Finansbank sold its shares in Commercial Union Sigorta and Commercial Union Hayat Sigorta to CGU International Insurance PLC in 2001. Finans Sigorta A.Ş (Finans Insurance) was established the same year.

Engaged in banking activities across 10 countries until August 2006, Finansbank rendered its banking services in Switzerland, Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium, Russia, Romania, Ireland and Bahrain. Currently, the only branch of Finansbank abroad is Bahrain Branch.

This structure provided Finansbank the position of being the Turkish bank with the largest foreign investment and most extensive branch network abroad. In August 2006, Finansbank was acquired by National Bank of Greece (NBG), Greece's largest bank. This allowed a mighty combination of NBG, the leading bank in the Southeast Europe, and of Finansbank, a Turkish bank with immense growth potential.

Finansbank continues to offer creative, fast and easy solutions to any financial need of its clients with Finans Leasing, Finans Yatırım, Finans Portföy Yönetimi, Cigna Finans Emeklilik ve Hayat A.Ş, Finans Faktoring and IBTech, its subsidiary in the field of technology, all gathered under the Financial Services Group.

Finansbank in Numbers

Finansbank?s net operating profit was 344 million Turkish Liras in the second quarter of 2014.

Finansbank had 45,741 billion Turkish Liras in total loans, 69,348 million Turkish Liras in total assets and 37,615 billion Turkish Liras in customer deposits.

Total equities was 8,049 billion Turkish Liras. Total number of branches reached 673 and the number of employees were 13,759 as of June 30, 2014.